CNC sheet metal cutting

CNC sheet metal shears enable fast and precise cutting of regular sheet shapes . Optimization software allows good use of materials. Multi-edge cutting blades cut a variety of materials such as aluminum, carbon steel and prochrome equally well.

  • max cutting length: 3.1 m
  • max cutting thickness: 8 mm

Service CNC sheet metal bending

We perform service sheet bending on a CNC machine with the perfect Delem 3D bending software.

  • the possibility of bending in 6 axes
  • max bending length: 3.1 m
  • max bending thickness: 8 mm
  • max pressure: 135t
  • laser angle measurement

CNC milling machine

The CNC milling machine works by reading instructions from a computer program, which specifies the desired cutting paths and shapes. The machine then follows these instructions precisely, moving the cutting tool along the programmed path while adjusting its speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. The result is a highly precise and repeatable cut, with tolerances of less than a thousandth of an inch in some cases.

  • max milling width: 1000m
  • max milling height: 500m
  • max milling thickness: 600mm

Laser cutting of metal

Thanks to the state-of-the-art fiber laser that we have in our machine park, we are able to offer our clients serviceable laser metal cutting. For now, we have developed serviceable CNC sheet metal cutting as well as laser pipe cutting with high precision and cutting speed.

  • steel - maximum thickness up to 15mm
  • stainless steel - maximum thickness up to 10mm
  • aluminum - maximum thickness up to 6mm
  • copper - maximum thickness up to 4mm
  • brass - maximum thickness up to 6mm

welding machine

We have MIG And TIG welding

  • We perform argon welding both in workshop conditions and in the field. In addition to the vast experience in welding stainless steel as well as other materials, thanks to the most modern welding machines of the Finnish manufacturer KEMPPI, we guarantee a high-quality service.

  • We perform CO2 welding to 500 amp both in workshop conditions and in the field. In addition to our vast experience in aluminum, iron, and stainless steel welding, we are also able to offer locksmith work, roof construction, and many other related services.


Metal plasticization is a form of surface protection that has great advantages over other types of metal and non-metal protection. It does not pollute the environment, it is affordable and all requirements, effects, shades and the like are easily achieved. In many cases, European standards require the form of surface protection to be plasticization.

Plasticization implies the electro-static application of powder paint with an electronic spray gun, so the powder sticks to parts that are not in direct contact with the powder. Electricity attracts powder where there is none, and repels it where it has already been applied.